Criteria of selecting a jurisdiction and Essential Corporate Characteristics

Criteria of selecting a jurisdiction and Essential Corporate Characteristics

In international trade and investment the selection of a jurisdiction requires very careful consideration. It is important to select a jurisdiction that is well suited to specific corporate and personal needs.

Further down find important criteria to consider:

  • Political and economic situation and stability
  • Government of the Jurisdiction
  • History of the Jurisdiction
  • Essential corporate characteristics
  • The professional and management services and availability of tax experts
  • Provision of Nominee Directors and nominee Shareholders
  • Legislation Requirements and Stability
  • Company law
  • Taxation system
  • Double taxation
  • Legal and accounting infrastructure
  • Communication
  • banking privacy
  • Language
  • Limited Liability Protection
  • Disclosure and Privacy
  • Capitalization Requirements
  • Ability to register for VAT purposes
  • anonymity and confidentiality
  • accessing low cost areas
  • Essential Corporate Characteristics 

Most "tax planning" and offshore jurisdictions have made efforts to ensure that their company law satisfies the following demands:

  • Limited liability
  • Minimal or optional statutory filing obligations
  • Low capital requirements; No paid up capital requirements;
  • Annual Government fees not based on amount of share capital
  • Nominee shareholders allowance
  • Disclosure of beneficial ownership either not required or limited to special bodies (offshore authorities; central banks)
  • Minimal directors' liability
  • Broad range of permitted company names and suffixes to denote limited liability
  • Directors and/or shareholders meetings can be held anywhere in the world
  • No requirement or optional requirement for accounting records to be audited
  • Director and shareholder's meetings allowed to be held anywhere in the world; and meetings may be held by telephone
  • Corporate Directors and Corporate Shareholders allowed

Author: Panikos Symeou